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Our Mission

Revive Boutique is a nonprofit women’s thrift store in Memphis, Tennessee. We provide a caring environment and quality brands along with personal styling. Our profits and services support organizations that serve resilient women and children in our community and around the world.

Ministry Partners


Our mission is to combat sexual exploitation, inform citizens of the harms of pornography, and rescue and restore the exploited.

The mission of Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. is to guide those in need toward stability and sustainability through compassionate Christ-centered ministries and empowerment programs.


Las Americas exists to serve and develop functional and successful Latino youth and children of all ages and to help them make a smooth transition into the American school system and lifestyle, here in Memphis and its surrounding areas; by empowering them through outreach, missions, recreational, and educational programs all with the purpose of sharing the love of God.

Revive Studio is a multicultural  non-profit fitness center by women, for women. We aim to build community and become healthy in mind, body, and spirit. We are a community-wide collaboration that crosses ethnicities, religions, and income. 


The mission of Foster Village™ is to come alongside children and families in the Memphis area child welfare system and show them that they are not alone. Our goal is to create opportunities for the community to be a "village" of support to these vulnerable and underserved children and families.

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